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We are women, we are wives, we are mothers, and we are open to life. This is our way of standing by one another, learning from each other, and leaning on Christ our Savior.

Mar 31, 2010

Today I was struck by an image of my daughter toddling out of the bathroom with light brown pigtails pointing straight out each side of her head, checkered button-up shirt layered with a pink turtleneck and denim flare jeans on…with a matchbox car in each of the back pockets…dragging her "blank" behind her, pacifier in mouth. As she waddled away, little pigeon-toed pink socks padding softly on the wood floor, I thought how precious this moment is, how precious each age and stage is and how grateful I am for this little girl, this toddler that will grow up to be a woman and whose companionship I hope to always hold close. One of the many things motherhood has taught me is the temporariness of life…

It's a shame that I don't always have these moments of clarity throughout every minute of my day, especially in the middle of my 3-year-old's meltdowns or when my 1-year-old is running away from me as I'm attempting to change her dirty diaper…being 8-months pregnant. Despite the fact that I struggle with some of the uncertainty that can come along with practicing NFP, I am finding out more and more what a blessing it is to be out of control of situations, because it makes me rely solely on God and not my own abilities, wisdom, or strength. Looking back, there are so many decisions that, if they would have been left to me, would have had led me down a completely different path. I am so grateful that God knows what I truly need to be happy, and what my soul needs to grow in holiness if I only say YES to Him!

"Only when God's spirit lives within us to the fullest, are we able to be most fully human. The only way to be filled with God's spirit is to empty ourselves of any false sense of who we are, or who we think we ought to be." – Michael Dubruiel

Mar 23, 2010

Last Call, Love, and Lent

Behind these three L words:

Did anyone realize it's the last week of lent (well before Holy Week starts)?

Anyone feeling weak in their noble resolutions they made five weeks ago? Or anyone simply feel in a slump or wishing they lived their lent better.

Me! Me! Me! (I'm raising my hand.)
I was thinking about this for a few days now and by God's grace several things came to mind:

  1. There's a parable Christ tells of a master calling servants in the morning, afternoon, and at night, with only an hour left in the day of work. The master pays them all the same wage.
  2. My three year old son, has every desire to get dressed by him-self these days, but try as hard as he may, he simply needs my help. He can't do it by himself.

Ha, this describes how I, with God's grace, am going to make this a good lent in a nutshell.

Last Call: I can still come up to the bar at last call and get a drink. It's the fifth week of lent, the last hour of work, and I can still ask Christ for a day's wages, a tremendous amount of grace for my soul.

Love: I read this in my meditation this morning.
St. Therese of Lisieux in Her Last Conversations:
Look at little children: they never stop breaking things, tearing things, falling down, and they do this even while loving their parents very, very much. When I fall in this way, it makes me realize my nothingness more, and I say to myself: What would I do, and what would I become, if I were to rely on my own strength?
I understand very well why St. Peter fell. Poor Peter, he was relying on himself instead of relying only on God‟s strength. I‟m very sure that if St. Peter had said humbly to Jesus, "Give me the grace, I beg you, to follow you even to death," he would have received it immediately. I‟m very certain that Our Lord didn‟t say any more to his Apostles through his instructions and his physical presence than he says to us through his good inspirations and his grace. He could have said to St. Peter: "Ask me for the strength to accomplish what you want." But no, He didn't because He wanted to show Peter his weakness, and because, before ruling the Church that is filled with sinners, he had to experience for himself what man is able to do without God‟s help.
Before Peter fell, Our Lord had said to him, "And once you are converted, strengthen your brethren." This means: Convince them of the weakness of human strength through your own experience.

Wow. I love Peter.

Dear Peter, thank you for being weak enough to fall because you were relying on your own strength, even with God himself right in front of you. How stupid of you….oh wait – I'm so like you!
I'm like a little kid who knows how much God loves me and yet I still fail. I rely on my own strength. I get nowhere and fall often.

Lent: The whole purpose of lent is MERCY! Second chances, forgiveness, the thief who "stole" heaven because he asked for forgiveness minutes before he died….WE STILL HAVE TIME. HE STILL LOVES US. HE WAITS TO BESTOW MERCY for those who ask.

LET'S GO! For all of us who may be far behind, for those of us who failed, lived lent half hearted, or are saying, "what? How is Easter next week already?"

AMEN to MERCY….Here's to the BEST LENT EVER – Starting this week!

Let us all pray for one another,


Mar 16, 2010

Do Your Research

Dear Moms and Moms-to-be,
As a follow up to my previous post on the Bradley Birth Method, I wanted to share a few tidbits for you to think about and DO YOUR RESEARCH on.

Do you know anyone who has had a jaundice baby? A Colic baby? A baby whose tear ducts need to lanced? A baby that can not nurse well? A baby who is having difficulty with congestion and breathing?

I am not saying I have all the answers here. We are blessed to have the care of our doctors when our children are born in case there is something wrong - again, in case there is something wrong. However, like myself I have been so unaware of the many procedures that the medical staff does to the baby after they are born, that maybe I should prepare myself for!
For instance, it is important to keep the cord attached to your baby for AT LEAST 10 minutes after the baby is born, but best for 30 minutes - if the doctor allows. The reason is that more than 20% of the baby's blood and nutrients are still being given to the baby after the baby is born. This can reduce tremendously the chances of your baby being jaundice, left with too many red blood cells, and a colic baby. Check it out!
Also, did you know that after the baby is born they use that blue suction bulb to remove excess fluid. In most cases that is not needed, because the baby naturally releases those fluids when being pushed through the birth canal. If you have a "snorty baby" who seems like they have a cold, it could be that the mucous membranes were damaged when suctioning your baby. And in severe cases if they use a suctioning tube, your baby's air passage can be damaged. It just isn't always necessary! Check it out!

Finally, the gooky medicine they put on your baby's eyes after they are born called erythromycin is used for mothers who have not had prenatal care and are putting their children at risk from being in contact with STD's, is not needed in most cases of mothers who have had prenatal care. They give your baby erythromycin, but did you know that it can clog your baby's tear ducts, causing them to be lanced - sometimes several times - later childhood. You know your body, right? Is this necessary? Check it out!

Do the research moms and dads. Be sure that your birth and parenting experience is the best it can be. I am praying for all of you and healthy children!

God Bless,


Mar 1, 2010

Spice Up Your Old Pack n Play

Aren't these fun? I saw these playard covers on the show "Shark Tank". They come in different colors and designs and you simply put them over your pack and play. I thought it was such a clever idea, especially if you have an old one you want to look new again or take to a hotel to be germ free. Check them out: http://www.coverplayard.com/