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May 15, 2010

Raquel Welch - Sex Symbol waves the Red Flag on Contraceptives.

(CNN) -- Margaret Sanger opened the first American family-planning clinic in 1916, and nothing would be the same again. Since then the growing proliferation of birth control methods has had an awesome effect on both sexes and led to a sea change in moral values.
And as I've grown older over the past five decades -- from 1960 to 2010 -- and lived through this revolutionary period in female sexuality, I've seen how it has altered American society -- for better or worse.
On the upside, by the early 60's The Pill had made it easier for a woman to choose to delay having children until after she established herself in a career. Nonetheless, for young women of childbearing age (I was one of them) there was a need for some careful soul searching -- and consideration about the long-range effects of oral contraceptives -- before addressing this very personal decision. It was a decision I too would have to face when I discovered I was pregnant at age 19. Read More Here >>

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  1. This article, although somewhat still flawed, is a good start at waving some red flags about birth control to the secular media, especially coming from a "sex symbol".

    We would never describe birth control as having an "awesome effect" or containing any "upside" factors due to the dangerous effects it can have on a women's health in body and soul.

    But thankfully, she calls out one of the corosive factors birth control continues to make to damage our culture by noting:

    "...a lack of sexual inhibitions, or as some call it, "sexual freedom," has taken the caution and discernment out of choosing a sexual partner, which used to be the equivalent of choosing a life partner. Without a commitment, the trust and loyalty between couples of childbearing age is missing, and obviously leads to incidents of infidelity. No one seems immune."

    Way to go Rachel - you're almost there!


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