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Feb 8, 2010

Understanding the Challenger - Planned Parenthood

I grew up around big families. Obviously Pro-life families. I never thought that having 10 brothers and sisters was a big deal....until the questions and comments started coming...
"Are you all from the same mother? Your parents have a handful! How do they feed you all? Are you being serious?! You mother must be a saint! etc. etc. etc."

I would continue to tell them that yes, we are all from the same mother and father, who are super cool, loves each and every one of us individually, and gave us the best gift ever-siblings!

My college friends were nothing short of amazed, and wanted to know more. I realized that they had been cheated in a way.... to believe there was only one way in life. Planning how many kids you have and not leaving room for accidents. ;) I realized that the majority of women are being told right and left of what is "normal" what will make you "happy." I realized that behind the media there is a big elephant in the room....AGENDA. I think in order to fully understand the fight for true femininity and womanhood, you have to understand the opponent.

Here is just one summary of Planned Parenthood's agenda, and what their leaders are saying. If we don't recognize their agenda, we can easily be effected by its sugar-coated lies. So if you can, do some research. You may be surprised what you find.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I didn't expect to find you here. It is so weird that I just happened upon this blog in the google reader. I was just clicking away expecting to find the usual design blogs and somehow I got here. It's great to hear your story and I know you are a true Woman of God. Since my healing from abortion last year, the Lord just keeps putting this pro-life agenda and the lies about abortion in my lap and in front of my face. Believe me it did not happen before that. I can tell by this that he doesn't want me to stop thinking, working and praying. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story here.


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