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Aug 25, 2011

Men of Honor

So I read this on my dad's facebook page yesterday and wanted to share. Only by the grace of God did he have his Father's example of being open to life and then I in turn had my father. It is crazy to think that if one didn't I would not be here and nor would my kids! 

In reflecting further, I noticed how much they were both men of prayer. My dad was a spiritual leader in my family (leading a rosary or praying after Mass) maybe because his father was. What an impact it had for generations. Let's pray for more good men!!

Happy 97th Birthday to my Dad Pete Zuniga! I am truly humbled by the great life and example this man has given me. Lived through the great depression raising his seven younger brothers and sisters after his dad passed away when he was a kid. Raised 13 of his own children, buried two of his other children. Loyal husband, dedicated father, skilled worker in all areas, talented musician, and most of all a humble man who gave God all the glory! We were always the last family to leave church on Sunday....we watched and waited for Dad to get off his knees! If I could fill half his shoes in my lifetime I would be blessed.

I love this man!



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