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May 1, 2012

Protestants, Birth Control, and Math

So I've read some uber good articles lately on birth control. Good material for future discussions. Take a peak:

Protestants and Pill Predicament  by the New WavE Feminist BLOG

The Contradictions of Contraception ... a highlight from the article....

The freedom promised by the sexual revolution is not true freedom at all. Jennifer Fulwiler, a popular blogger and contributor to the National Catholic Register put it well: “I find it ironic when contraception is said to allow anyone to live freely, secular culture assures women that they can go ahead and engage in the act that creates babies, even if they are not ready to be mothers. They are handed contraception and told to forget all about the possibility of parenthood. Then, when the contraception fails, as it so often does, they find themselves feeling trapped, perceiving that their only escape is through the doors of an abortion facility. This, to me, does not look like freedom.”

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