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Jan 27, 2012

On Fetal Cells

LifeSite News posted this article on the amazing way your baby's cells stay with you and in many cases heal and repair your own cells. A baby gift from your baby! Fascinating and very typicall coming from  out creator ;)

One kind of fetal cells that enter into the mother’s body is the baby’s stem cells. Stem cells have what Pinctott calls “magical properties” in that they can “morph” into other types of cells through a process called differentiation. The baby’s fetal stem cells can actually become the mother’s own cells that make up her liver, heart, or brain.

Genetics specialist Dr. Kirby Johnson of Tufts Medical Center, Boston, and professor Carol Artlett, a researcher at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University, back up Pinctott’s ideas. Their research shows that when a woman becomes pregnant she acquires an army of protective cells - what might be called a gift from her child - that remains with her for decades, perhaps till the end of her life.

If you have time, read the article at length, it will leave you amazed!

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  1. So very cool that our children's DNA, quite literally their flesh, is a part of ours long after they are born! Imagine how holy Mary's body was---having Jesus's flesh a part of hers, long after he was born!


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