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Jan 8, 2012

Post Promise

So, I'm not blog savvy, or consistant, or creative....BUT.... I do promise to garner some new writers and interesting posts for the coming year. I'm so often reminded of why we started this blog when I run into friends or women who are frieghtened at the thought of another child, don't understand nfp, who suffer from the affects of birth control, feel alone in their fight, or those who are trying their very hardest to be faithful to God.

For me, sometimes just getting on here and seeing all the faces of those striving to be open to life, knowing I'm not the only one, is encouraging in itself. So, I hope it can be the same for you!

If you know of some great nfp women who want to share their stories and thoughts...let me know!

Biggest Highlight of 2011 for me:

Avila Maria

Cheers and blessings for 2012!



  1. She is just gorgeous! I'm reallllly not much of a self-promoter but nfp truly is something I'm very passionate about, and we recently just utilized it to ACHIEVE a pregnancy (baby#2) and it was a beautiful, faith-filled process. I had some health issues, so we were unsure of whether or not I could get pregnant again, so praise God for our newest little miracle! :) If you really do need contributors, I'd love to write for you. Here's a post I did on nfp in general: http://candidcatholicliving.blogspot.com/2011/01/parents.html

  2. Thank you! I LOVED LOVED your nfp post! I'm learning and growing more open to life with each new child that comes into my own. It is motivating to meet other women who feel the same! Would love to have you featured and do some posts! I'll email you soon. Thanks so much!


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